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Indoor Bonsai Care Guide

Bonsai tree care guide for indoor bonsai, a few tips to help the begineer care for their indoor bonsai tree, there are other tips and hints for all bonsai trees […]

Help! What To Do With My Bonsai….

One of the questions that I find I get asked all the time is what am I supposed to do with my bonsai. People know they

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can shape and trim them but don’t know what or when to do things without damaging the Bonsai tree.

Now without specific information I can […]

Trident Maple Bonsai The Basics

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By Jessica Tanady

The art of Bonsai calls for a plant to get kept in the little container, and yet maintain the qualities that are viewed in nature. This indicates that the plants are smaller versions of what is discovered in a forest, plus a really effective Bonsai plant is […]

Passionate About Bonsai

Well we have all heard no doubt that the secret to bonsai tree growing is patience and dedication. But it seems some people take things to the extreme, check out this article were one enthusiast sleeps with his bonsai trees.

OK not literally but in a shack next to his bonsai collection.

When we talk […]

How to Choose a Bonsai Tree Present

Lets face it a lot of people have fancied one of those cute little bonsai tree’s for decorating a room or apartment.

So at one point or another a friend or relative in desperation because of a lack of inspiration will buy them a bonsai they have always wanted.

Now the vast majority of people […]

Bonsai Beware!

Well it’s that time of year again stores all over are selling Bonsai trees. People see those cute little things and have just the spot for them at home. O those poor innocent bonsai trees, no sooner placed around the home then they dry up and die.


There has to be a better way, […]

What to do at this time of year?

First let me say this information is for those of us in the northern hemisphere, for all those down south  it will be a little (approx. 6 months) out of sync. People keep asking me what to do with their Maple Bonsai in the winter. Well the answer is not a lot, if your bonsai […]

BUDDHA & BONSAI — Oliver Shanti & friends

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Japanese Maple Bonsai and Zen Buddhist Philosophy

The Japanese Maple Bonsai play an important part in the structure and design of Japanese gardens. Not just the aesthetic appearance and texture but also on a spiritual level. The art of bonsai goes beyond horticulture and is part of the Zen Buddhist philosophy. Zen and Shinto traditions both play a large […]

Chinese Shantung Maple Bonsai and Root Over Rock Style

This particular maple seedling is another fast grower. One of it’s main features is it tends to be bulbous at the base. The bark is a distinctive gray/white and the leaves similarly to other maples are five pointed. A couple of good aspects about this Maple Bonsai particularly for the less experienced is they […]