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Bonsai, Bonsai Tree and Maple Bonsai – A New Dawn

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Hi folks, well we finally got round to updating the Maple Bonsai Blog site, hope you like it. All the old articles and bonsai information is still available.

We plan on bringing more articles on maple bonsai obviously, but also covering more bonsai, bonsai trees and specialist stuff. The type of information will include articles on other bonsai types such as Juniper bonsai, Oriental Ficus bonsai, Elm bonsai all these are indoor bonsai. We will include Red Maple bonsai, Japanese Wisteria bonsai and others such as the Cypress and Cedar bonsai.

In fact you name it we will write about it if it’s bonsai related. The articles and bonsai related features should start appearing on a more regular basis, with guest bonsai experts contributing and giving us the benefit of their years of bonsai experience.

Now as if this is not great news in itself we are hoping to be bringing more bonsai photos, bonsai videos and reviews of shows and bonsai related items. The types of thing we mean are bonsai tree pots, bonsai training tools, bonsai soil mixes etc.

Wow now that’s a lot of bonsai, how will we fit it all in. So my advice is as follows.

1) Let us know what you think about the new look maple bonsai blog
2) Grab that RSS feed to keep up to date with all things bonsai
3) Make any suggestions about things you would like to see
4) Contribute if you wish, although we can’t guarantee inclusion
5) Tell all your friends and family about this site

Now remember for bonsai information bookmark this site visit regularly and most of all enjoy both the Maple Bonsai Blog and of course your own Bonsai trees and bonsai plants.

By the way if you get all inspired and decide to buy something bonsai tree related through a link on this site we may make a small commission. Now you don’t have to but it helps pay the bills. But whatever enjoy it all for free and all the best Bonsai lovers.

The Maple Bonsai Team.

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