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Passionate About Bonsai

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Well we have all heard no doubt that the secret to bonsai tree growing is patience and dedication. But it seems some people take things to the extreme, check out this article were one enthusiast sleeps with his bonsai trees.

OK not literally but in a shack next to his bonsai collection.

When we talk about patience and bonsai is this what you think of? Such as letting your chosen bonsai tree grow wild for twenty years before starting to shape it!

The point is, we might not all be quite this enthusiastic or dedicated to bonsai as this guy. Lets face it the majority of us will never win any awards for our trees, or even want to. There are always those who go that bit further, but there is no reason that Bonsai as a hobby can not be enjoyable and relaxing.

By slowing down and developing a small amount of patience when we attend to our bonsai it will hopefully give the average collector other benefits such as less stress.

This article certainly shows what can be achieved if you get carried away with things though, and some of the musings about shape will hopefully inspire at least a few people reading this.

Hope this helps your bonsai passion, just don’t get too carried away, and if you do good luck in your next competition and I hope you sleep comfortably 🙂

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