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Create A Bonsai Garden in a Planter!

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By Jennifer Akre

A bonsai garden is the picture of peace and tranquility. The time and dedication that goes into the trimming of each small piece of branch to allow the tree to blossom into a unique shape is a natural art form to behold.

The hobby of growing and […]

An Eye For Shaping Bonsai Trees

A problem that some bonsai enthusiasts often face especially the less experienced is around the topic of shaping their bonsai tree.

For instance people have mentioned that they know the basics of pruning a bonsai and have experience of pruning other plants in the garden to remove dead growth or branches that are growing in […]

Passionate About Bonsai

Well we have all heard no doubt that the secret to bonsai tree growing is patience and dedication. But it seems some people take things to the extreme, check out this article were one enthusiast sleeps with his bonsai trees.

OK not literally but in a shack next to his bonsai collection.

When we talk […]

Bosai Tree Watering – What Effects It?

Following the previous article I wanted to outline the influences on the amount of water your bonsai tree requires.

But first how do you know if your bonsai tree is dry or not, there is no definitive answer it is mostly experience but try the following.

If the soil is damp from half way down […]

Watering your Japanese Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are by design kept in small containers, therefor the issue of water and watering is very important to maintain the right balance and a healthy Japanese bonsai tree. Regular amounts of water need to be administered due to the lack of soil in a bonsai tree pot. The lack of soil means sun, […]