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Help! What To Do With My Bonsai….

One of the questions that I find I get asked all the time is what am I supposed to do with my bonsai. People know they

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can shape and trim them but don’t know what or when to do things without damaging the Bonsai tree.

Now without specific information I can […]

The Great Bonsai Tree Buying Lottery

I spent some time over the last weekend at a couple of garden outlets just browsing. Whilst there I noticed they had Bonsai for sale priced from $20 – $200. Naturally I picked a couple up and looked at them, just out of interest. The people I was with have no Bonsai knowledge […]

Bonsai – The Art of Pruning Your Bonsai Tree

Bonsai are by definition miniature trees, without the interference of man these trees would grow and develop as normal.

So what makes a Bonsai tree a bonsai?

The answer is, what we do to our trees that makes them remain small. Pruning is the main thing we do as Bonsai growers to make trees, and […]

Bosai Tree Watering – What Effects It?

Following the previous article I wanted to outline the influences on the amount of water your bonsai tree requires.

But first how do you know if your bonsai tree is dry or not, there is no definitive answer it is mostly experience but try the following.

If the soil is damp from half way down […]

Watering your Japanese Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are by design kept in small containers, therefor the issue of water and watering is very important to maintain the right balance and a healthy Japanese bonsai tree. Regular amounts of water need to be administered due to the lack of soil in a bonsai tree pot. The lack of soil means sun, […]

Bonsai, Bonsai Tree and Maple Bonsai – A New Dawn

Hi folks, well we finally got round to updating the Maple Bonsai Blog site, hope you like it. All the old articles and bonsai information is still available.

We plan on bringing more articles on maple bonsai obviously, but also covering more bonsai, bonsai trees and specialist stuff. The type of information will include […]

How to Choose a Bonsai Tree Present

Lets face it a lot of people have fancied one of those cute little bonsai tree’s for decorating a room or apartment.

So at one point or another a friend or relative in desperation because of a lack of inspiration will buy them a bonsai they have always wanted.

Now the vast majority of people […]

Bonsai Beware!

Well it’s that time of year again stores all over are selling Bonsai trees. People see those cute little things and have just the spot for them at home. O those poor innocent bonsai trees, no sooner placed around the home then they dry up and die.


There has to be a better way, […]

First Time Bonsai: a 5 Points Survival Guide

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Author: Davide Petilli

More often than not, the approach to bonsai art comes with a present. A friend, a relative or a partner gives a new little tree in a short pot and he can’t tell us how to handle it.

Those bonsai trees are set on a piece of […]