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Indoor Bonsai Care Guide

Bonsai tree care guide for indoor bonsai, a few tips to help the begineer care for their indoor bonsai tree, there are other tips and hints for all bonsai trees […]

Low Cost Stunning Bonsai!

It is possible to pick up small bonsai trees of all varieties, already in bonsai form from a garden centre reasonably cheaply. But if you have looked at any of the larger specimens, it can be hard not to need a sit down after checking out the price tag.

So most people settle for choosing […]

Create A Bonsai Garden in a Planter!

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By Jennifer Akre

A bonsai garden is the picture of peace and tranquility. The time and dedication that goes into the trimming of each small piece of branch to allow the tree to blossom into a unique shape is a natural art form to behold.

The hobby of growing and […]

Banyans For Bonsai Novices

Although I have no experience with them, in the article below from India, novices are advised to start with Banyans, they are easy to maintain.

The one in the photo for this article is possibly not the best example.

However I agree with the philosophy on bonsai, that the tree can be any shape as […]

The Great Bonsai Tree Buying Lottery

I spent some time over the last weekend at a couple of garden outlets just browsing. Whilst there I noticed they had Bonsai for sale priced from $20 – $200. Naturally I picked a couple up and looked at them, just out of interest. The people I was with have no Bonsai knowledge […]

Bonsai, Bonsai Tree and Maple Bonsai – A New Dawn

Hi folks, well we finally got round to updating the Maple Bonsai Blog site, hope you like it. All the old articles and bonsai information is still available.

We plan on bringing more articles on maple bonsai obviously, but also covering more bonsai, bonsai trees and specialist stuff. The type of information will include […]

How to Choose a Bonsai Tree Present

Lets face it a lot of people have fancied one of those cute little bonsai tree’s for decorating a room or apartment.

So at one point or another a friend or relative in desperation because of a lack of inspiration will buy them a bonsai they have always wanted.

Now the vast majority of people […]

What to do at this time of year?

First let me say this information is for those of us in the northern hemisphere, for all those down south  it will be a little (approx. 6 months) out of sync. People keep asking me what to do with their Maple Bonsai in the winter. Well the answer is not a lot, if your bonsai […]

BUDDHA & BONSAI — Oliver Shanti & friends

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Potty about bonsai

Yes I am potty about Maple Bonsai if you hadn’t guessed, however this article has a much broader appeal. The subject of Bonsia can cover a broad spectrum of subjects for the enthusiast. One area however does not seem to get much coverage, and that is pots. When starting out the pot should not be […]