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Low Cost Stunning Bonsai!

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It is possible to pick up small bonsai trees of all varieties, already in bonsai form from a garden centre reasonably cheaply. But if you have looked at any of the larger specimens, it can be hard not to need a sit down after checking out the price tag.

So most people settle for choosing a small bonsai specimen and growing it on, or buying some seeds or even using a cutting. These are all great techniques for getting into bonsai growing cheaply.

But what if you fancy some thing a bit more dramatic or larger as a feature piece?

Well there is an alternative approach. Make your own larger bonsai from scratch, and better yet from a discarded log or fallen branch or tree.

Below is a great video showing just this approach, on a yew log that consists of mostly rotten timber. Now although this may be the easier approach from the financial aspect. It will require a lot of time, patience and some skill.

But it does provide food for thought and might be a  technique worth considering for you to try out. After all what have you got to loose, if the bonsai tree doesn’t make it, there should be plenty more samples around.

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2 comments to Low Cost Stunning Bonsai!

  • wilma33

    I agree..Thanks for the nice post.
    Almost any tree can become a bonsai tree. However there are some written and unwritten rules what bonsai trees should look like.

  • admin

    True there are rules for shaping bonsai. However for the average enthusiast who does not show, so what! do what you like and enjoy it.

    The end result of this video for instance would not win many prizes if judged …. but it will draw the eye when on display at home..

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