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How to Choose a Bonsai Tree Present

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Lets face it a lot of people have fancied one of those cute little bonsai tree’s for decorating a room or apartment.

So at one point or another a friend or relative in desperation because of a lack of inspiration will buy them a bonsai they have always wanted.

Now the vast majority of people have no idea at all on the basics of bonsai let alone the finer details.

So how do they or you go about buying that dream bonsai tree without ruining a perfectly good relationship.

Simple follow these 3 basic rules or write them down and give them to the person you suspect will be purchasing that bonsai tree, you have always said you wanted.

1. Pick a bonsai that has good roots and branches. We do not want exposed mouldy roots or snapped, stripped branches. No need to be a Japanese bonsai master, poor roots and branches any one can spot.

2. Check the complete bonsai tree over, no apparent damage, diseases or infestation. Again no need to be a bonsai doctor use common sense when assessing the bonsai, you can even ask the garden center staff.

Bonsai Boy

3. Go for something that looks like the ones you see in pictures. If it looks like a classic maple bonsai, has good bonsai type roots and branches, and has no nasty things you don’t see on bonsai pictures. Then guess what it probably is a great little bonsai tree. In this part were looking for the shape and form of the bonsai and is it suitably potted, we don’t want a novice having to re-pot there bonsai tree as soon as they get it.

Now these are very basic pointers but they should go a long way towards helping you get one of the better Bonsai that you see in DIY or other large retail outlets.

Enjoy the start of your new bonsai tree collection.

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