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Banyans For Bonsai Novices

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Although I have no experience with them, in the article below from India, novices are advised to start with Banyans, they are easy to maintain.

The one in the photo for this article is possibly not the best example.

However I agree with the philosophy on bonsai, that the tree can be any shape as long as it brings you pleasure. This take on the art of sculpting bonsai trees will not please the purist or master of bonsai. But most bonsai owners probably started out wanting to bring nature that little bit closer. So as long as they can find pleasure in its form then what else matters.

The bonsai may come in different styles that don’t easily comply with the formal Japanese bonsai styles, but not everyone wants to win shows with their bonsai.

All you bonsai growers in India now have a new bonsai association, based in Chennai.

Bonsai Boy

Take a look at the articel in full here.

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1 comment to Banyans For Bonsai Novices

  • Sairaj

    Most professionals in India use tropical Bonsai with a strong affinity towards different ficus species. There are lot of Bonsai clubs now apart from chennai. I am founding Gen.Secretary of Kerala Bonsai Association (Kerala State. Southern state of India)
    Best wishes to you and your organisation.

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