Bonsai - Waterering your Japanese maple bonsai - and Bonsai Tree

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Watering your Japanese Bonsai Trees

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Bonsai trees are by design kept in small containers, therefor the issue of water and watering is very important to maintain the right balance and a healthy Japanese bonsai tree. Regular amounts of water need to be administered due to the lack of soil in a bonsai tree pot. The lack of soil means sun, wind and heat can rapidly leave your bonsai tree dry and thirsty. Sun, excessive heat and exposure to wind can dry out the soil in a short period of time. It is a very important issue in bonsai tree care to get the watering right. The two main areas to make sure you understand and get bright for your bonsai are:

  • The amount of water to give
  • The timing of the watering

With this in mind here are a couple of hints on what to consider so that you water your bonsai tree correctly. With the sun, and the temperature of summer it is best to water the bonsai several times weekly, as mentioned previously to prevent drying out. Watering can go to several times daily in especially hot periods. This is preferable to over watering, keep it a little and often. During warmer times of the year and higher heat try shading the bonsai trees, this can be achieved in a variety of ways. Grouping bonsai together or under larger trees etc. The construction of the bonsai pot comes into consideration for watering, clay pots that are unglazed let moister escape through the porous sides, so again additional watering to compensate may be required. In the autumn and winter periods as with other plants your Japanese bonsai could get enough water naturally, but don’t forget to check them during especially dry periods. How to administer the water is a point worth considering. If you only have a few bonsai trees to water then a gentle sprinkler will be more than adequate. However if your collection of bonsai grows and they are spread all over you may be better using a system that irrigates them, especially during a time when they need water several times daily. For extended periods when you can not be there to give your bonsai trees the water, you need either trusty friends and family or to invest in a timed system. The Japanese bonsai tree are very reliant on regular watering. For this reason you must consider this when you take a bonsai on, remember if treated well this small bonsai tree could outlive you!

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