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Bosai Tree Watering – What Effects It?

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Following the previous article I wanted to outline the influences on the amount of water your bonsai tree requires.

But first how do you know if your bonsai tree is dry or not, there is no definitive answer it is mostly experience but try the following.

If the soil is damp from half way down the depth of the bonsai pot then give it a sprinkle, if it is wet leave it. Now your interpretation of wet soil in a bonsai pot may be different from mine, but wet and damp are different.

As you get to know your bonsai tree and its needs you will get better at this.

Now what things impinge on your bonsai trees desire for water, here are a few and a brief explanation.

1. Soil and the bonsai mix you are using. Certain types of bonsai soil hold more or less water, obviously the more water your bonsai soil holds the greater the time between watering.
2. Disease and poor health. If your bonsai tree wilts, don’t assume it needs more water. First check the soil is dry then add water. If there is root rot present guess what more water is going to do?
3. Bonsai pot size. The bigger the pot the more water it holds, the longer time before the bonsai will dry out.
4. Atmospheric conditions such as the humidity. If it is humid there is more moisture in the air, this means that watering time for the bonsai tree can be increase, because less of it evaporates.
5. Sunlight has so many influences on water consumption of your bonsai. The heat will dry the bonsai out. The increase in growth from the light will mean the bonsai provides it’s own shade that will allow longer between watering.

Now this is not a full outline of all the factors that will decide on your bonsai trees need for water and the time between watering. However it should make you aware of some of the things that can have an effect on your bonsai.

Remember you bonsai tree is artificially kept small both the top and the root system. Therefor getting the watering right is important. The ideal situation is to be watering on a regular basis once a day or every two days. The bonsai tree should be dry just before watering. This allows you and the bonsai to get into a routine.

Then if you suddenly have a hot spell or you leave it in direct sunlight, it is easier to predict your bonsai will need additional water or an extra watering.

Hope this helps you and your bonsai tree.

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