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What is the best Maple for Bonsai?

One way to make this decision is by choosing one that suits the size needed. For instance, if a tree that will ideally be two to four foot is needed then pick a large leaf maple for the bonsai. If a smaller one is desired then mame is a good choice, though shohin is […]

Potty about bonsai

Yes I am potty about Maple Bonsai if you hadn’t guessed, however this article has a much broader appeal. The subject of Bonsia can cover a broad spectrum of subjects for the enthusiast. One area however does not seem to get much coverage, and that is pots. When starting out the pot should not be […]

First Time Bonsai: a 5 Points Survival Guide

Image via Wikipedia

Author: Davide Petilli

More often than not, the approach to bonsai art comes with a present. A friend, a relative or a partner gives a new little tree in a short pot and he can’t tell us how to handle it.

Those bonsai trees are set on a piece of […]

Dead bonsai still art

It seems that all those bonsai we kill when just starting could be winners.

This article gives us all hope of still being masters of the art even with dead bonsai.

So don’t give up just relabel them and enter them under a different categorie – good luck.

See the artical below.


Dead Bonsai […]

A 60 Year old Japanese Maple Bonsai in good hands?

I love my Maple Bonsai but here’s one young man who started as a lot of us do with the ritual sacrifice of our first bonsai, but then…

He seems to have got the hang of it now, with a collection of 120 bonsai, I should hope so. Talk about having your hands full, I […]